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How do I manually issue a Gift Certificate?
Last Updated about a month ago

Log into your JumpCloud Portal, then click on the Website application:


This will take you to the homepage of the website, logged in as staff - note the bar at the top. Hover over Matthew Landers at the top left, and click Dashboard:


Look for the BAKKBONE Welcome Panel (you may have to scroll), and click Add Gift Card:


In the Add title field, enter the code the customer will use at checkout - recommended format is four groups of random characters (capital letters and numbers) separated by hyphens, eg. GL4H-SMJ3-FCHH-SM5H:

  • The Purchased Amount and the Current balance should generally both be the same (enter these without a dollar sign)
  • The Delivery date is not necessary
  • The Expiration date must be a minimum of 3 years from the current date
  • Check the Digital box to email the gift certificate to a customer/recipient, and if so, enter at minimum the Recipient's email:

Once all relevant fields are completed, click Publish on the right hand side.

Return to the Gift Card Dashboard by clicking DASHBOARD, then click the email icon to the right of the gift card code:


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